Introducing Selfshot, our cutting-edge video editing and creation app—the ultimate solution for transforming your photos into captivating slideshows and videos. SelfShot combines powerful editing tools with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to create stunning visual content. Whether you’re a professional videographer or a casual user looking to enhance your social media presence, our app has everything you need to bring your vision to life. Download SelfShot the best video editing software, now from the Google Play Store, and bring your ultimate creativity to life.

What makes SelfShot the best video editing software?

Selfshot is the best video editing software working on the current AI mechanism, with tons of stunning features. It can be your AI video maker or podcast editing software. Plus, you can also add free animation to your videos. Explore even more premium features at a nominal price. 

The Quick story about the best features:

  • Video Recording
  • Video Editing
  • Video Trimming
  • Videos Filters
  • Split Videos
  • Add Stickers
  • Wear mask
  • Time Wrap Effect
  • Multilevel Editing of Videos
  • Slideshow Making
  • Add Amazing Text and GIFs to Videos
  • Add Music or Self-record Voices
  • Add Blur Effect
  • Slow-Mo Videos
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Select Thumbnail for a Video
  • The Most Important, Simple UX
  • Templates and AI Image Generation Will be Available Soon

SelfShot with Endless Possibilities. Here is how:

Explore the limitless possibilities of visual storytelling with Selfshot – a video editing app. Bring out your creativity and transform your memories through a slideshow video maker with music, animation, filters, and lyrics.

Slideshow video maker with music

Create fascinating slideshows effortlessly with our slideshow video maker. Selfshot’s user-friendly interface allows you to professionally design stunning slideshows. Add your favorite music for free to enhance the mood and make your memories unforgettable. Customize your photos by adding the perfect soundtrack. Our Selfshot app’s engaging features make it simple to sync your favorite tunes with your images.

Photo collage with music

Craft stunning collages that reflect your unique style, complemented by the ideal musical accompaniment. Selfshot, our video editing app, is tailored for creating birthday videos with sound, offering the tools to capture the essence of joy and celebration.

Video Quality

Experience the highest quality videos with Selfshot, ensuring your memories are preserved in stunning detail. Our video editor is committed to delivering exceptional visual results by capturing the essence of your moments with clarity and precision. Enjoy the finest resolution available, enhancing the beauty and impact of your videos for a truly immersive experience.


Master video editing with Selfshot. Easily edit, cut, merge, and add effects for a professional finish. Use Selfshot’s Video+Editor feature to combine editing and creativity, enhancing your videos with dynamic effects and smooth transitions.

Selfshot Reel Maker

Transform your videos into stunning reels with Selfshot Reel Maker, making a lasting impact on social media. This video editing app is ideal for content creators and ranks among the top editing apps, providing a seamless and feature-rich experience. Try content creation with Selfshot Reel Maker and stand out online.

Video Ratio:

Easily adjust your video’s aspect ratio to fit different platforms: 1:1 for Instagram, 16:9 for YouTube, and 9:16 for TikTok. Ensure your videos look perfect on every platform with just a few simple clicks.

Slow Motion Video Editor

Enhance your videos with dramatic flair using the slow-motion video editing feature in this video maker and editor. Capture every moment in exquisite detail, adding depth and emotion to your content.

AI videos and photos

Selfshot app is not only for editing or creating videos; it can also provide AI-generated videos. This feature allows you to bring any of your ideas to life.

With just a few clicks, you can get AI images, cartoon images, and much more.

Free video editor no watermark:

Every creator knows how important it is to show his/her own creativity to the world. Watermarks most of the time play an annoying role, but we are giving you a cover. Selfshot allows you to create a video of your own with a premium no-watermark feature.

Final verdict:

Download Selfshot – Video editing app: Slideshow Video Maker with Music now and embark on a journey of creative expression. Transform every moment into a masterpiece with our easy-to-use tools and features. Let your creativity shine as you craft stunning slideshows with personalized soundtracks. Join the Selfshot community and unleash your artistic vision today.

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